Organic Regulation

Chinese Organic Legislation

In April 2005 the China National Organic Product Standard (CNOPS) came into force. In combination with "The Rule on Implementation of Organic Products Certification" the scope, normative standard, certification procedure, requirements for certification bodies, use of organic product certification seal, labelling as well as importation of organic food products to China are defined.

All products sold in China as organic and/or organic in conversion must be in compliance with the CNOPS.

Organic product certification seal in China

"fully organic"

Organic product conversion certification seal of China

"in conversion"

Chinese Organic Certification Bodies
According to the China National Organic Product Standard all certification bodies have to be registered with CNCA. Inspectors working for the certification bodies have to be registered with the China National Auditor and Training Accreditation Board (CNAT; The supervision of the certification bodies and the administration of organic certification at the local level is under the responsibility of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China (AQSIQ; ).

Private Organic Certification Standards

Chinese Organic Certification Bodies are further on allowed to inspect and certify against their own private organic standards as long as certified products adhere to the national regulation. Certification Bodies are obliged to publish their private standards and certification procedures.

As a consequence organic products might be labelled with the national Organic Products Seal and the logo of the private certification body.

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