The Landmark in Organic Industry , BIOFACH CHINA made new achievements in 2019
The 13th BIOFACH CHINA 2019 ended successfully with the warm applause of 391 exhibitors from 22 countries on May 18, 2019. Divided into four exhibition areas, namely brand products area, international pavilion area, natural products area, and organic maternal and infant pavilion area, the exhibition attracted 18,046 visitors during its 3 days activities. Open to professionals only, 7 conferences and 9 interactive activities smoothly processing in the exhibition area of 12,000 square meters received praises from the organic industry. By comparison in 2018, BIOFACH CHINA, whose the number of exhibitors doubled and visitors increased by 7%, demonstrating its surprising growth of both quality and scale. Especially noteworthy is that BIOFACH CHINA 2019 was run for the first time together with the  CRAFT BEER CHINA and Shanghai International Intelligent Packaging Equipment, New Material & Creative Design Forum. All three of them are hosted by NürnbergMesse Group, well connecting upstream and downstream of the whole industry, jointly stimulating the development of high-end food and beverage career.

This prestigious China organic trade fair was jointly organized by NürnbergMesse China and Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine(CAIQ). Leaders of State Administration for Market Regulation, IFOAM - Organics International, Royal Danish Consulate General Shanghai, Delegation of the European Union to China, Consulate General of Romania in Shanghai, Commerce and Entrepreneurship of Romanian Ministry for Business Environment, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Beijing, French Embassy in China , Consulate General of Ukraine in Shanghai were presented in the opening ceremony to deliver their generous supports and witnessed the booming organic career in China.


Romania, the country of the year, represented by 18 organic enterprises, expressed their expectations to market prospect when they came to BIOFACH CHINA to introduce more than 30 kinds of fresh organic products. Featured Romanian organic refined sugar-free jam, organic honey, organic wine, organic cheese, organic sea buckthorn, organic pollen were widely regarded as most focal products on-site. Nicolae Voiculet, a Romanian panpipes virtuoso, especially performed the Romanian folk melody in the opening ceremony.


Thierry GARNIER, Carrefour Asia Executive Director, and CEO of Carrefour China attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition and released the organic strategic plan on organic procurement. As the food transition leader in the globe, Carrefour China Organic Sales Strategy targeted sales of organic products in the next 5 years would be tripled more than the sales of 2019 in China. As a retailer exhibitor, hundreds of senior purchasing executives from Carrefour China were engaged in procurement on-site. The popular British cartoon image - Shaun the Sheep by Carrefour Version, was brought to endorse the organic lifestyle.


A variety of eco-friendly activities can be discovered in BIOFACH CHINA 2019. One of the most influential events – Real Food Organic Kitchen designed by HONA Organic with the concept of "earth friendly heart" proposed the way of environmentally responsible and sustainable lifestyle. A group of experts on delicacy was invited to demonstrate how to cook happy organic meals with innovative appreciation, attracting thousands of organic enthusiasts to taste and learn. Vegetarian experience area had een upgraded to a vegetarian snack street, which provided over 10 kinds of vegetarian meals for bringing enjoyment and pleasure to consumers.  Luc De Raedemaeker, the tasting director of Brussels Beer Challenge, elaborated the way of tasting an organic craft beer during the Organic Meal & Craft Beer Tasting  organized by Organic Food Development and Certification Center of China (OFDC).


Three professional conferences were planned for academic and brand communication. Conference on International Organic Product Market and Development analyzed the latest organic market and forecast. State Administration for Market Regulation, IFOAM-Organics International, Delegation of the European Union to China, Romania Inter Bio / USH Pro Business, Danish Agriculture & Food Council, Organic Federation of Ukraine, China Organic Food Development Center of MEE and other scholars presented.


The first China Maternal & Infant Marketing and Development Summit jointly held with Chinese well-known maternal and child chain platform - Alaxiaoyou, won unanimous compliments from industry insiders. The brand of Neolac, Baby’s Organic, Arla,Kendamil, Organic and channel operators, such as Alibaba Group, Redbaby jointly explored the future development direction, and attended the Organic Maternal & Infant Industry Awards Ceremony.


Heads of China General Administration of Customs, Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine, Malaysia Swiftlet Nest Industry and Exporters Association, 40 cubilose production exhibitors from China and Southeast Asia Countries made discussions about problems and measures of compliance import cubilose market promotion during the meeting of Cubilose Credit Alliance of Registration and Certification.


BIOFACH CHINA 2019 featured more internationally than the previous year. Many valuable parties recognize our brand through it. Really appreciated BIOFACH CHINA hosted such a professional event full of sincerity and honesty. It’s an unmissable opportunity for eco-friendly brands to share good products with more lovely people who have passion for a natural lifestyle.” Fan Wang, the general manager of Shenzhen ZSZP Technology Co., Ltd, recommended BIOFACH CHINA.


BIOFACH CHINA is the best business platform for building brand images, releasing new products and expanding distribution channels for organic and natural production companies. It has been acknowledged as the perfect place for buyers to choose high-quality organic products with strict criteria for the selection of exhibitors.


In 2020, BIOFACH CHINA  will continue to be taken place on May 13-15, still along with CRAFT BEER CHINA and Shanghai International Intelligent Packaging Equipment, New Material & Creative Design Forum (PAK-iD) in Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center. 

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Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, NO.1099 Guo Zhan Road, Shanghai, China

Date & Opening Times
July 1 – 3, 2020
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