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6,000 products with NATRUE label

Over 6,000 products now carry the NATRUE label. They come from around 230 manufacturers in 32 countries. This means that the NATRUE standard remains the leader in the field of natural and organic cosmetics (NOC), according to a press release of the association. Last year, NATRUE had certified around 5,000 products. With a market share of over 80 percent, the German market is a global reference confirmed by NATRUE.

Dr. Mark Smith, General Manager of NATRUE: “This milestone is undoubtedly proof of the commitment of all our partners along this path. Our goal remains clear: authenticity and transparency are the key to consumer confidence and market growth. We will continue to raise awareness of natural skin care and protect and promote it internationally.”

The requirements of the NATRUE label mean that certified products must not contain mineral oils, silicones, GMOs, micro-beads, synthetic fragrances or preservatives such as parabens. In addition, requirements are placed on the biodegradability of certain raw materials and no animal tests may be carried out.
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