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Switzerland: Demand for organic meat increased

More Swiss people are turning to meat from pigs that are kept according to organic standards. symbol picture © Shutterstock/krumanop

In Switzerland, demand for organic meat increased in the first half of the year. Nevertheless, the market share remains low.
Meat on the plate is a must for most Swiss people. However, they are increasingly turning to organic meat for their purchases. This is the conclusion of the current market report on organic products presented by the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture. But the report further states that despite the growth, organic meat has by no means made it out of its niche. In the first half of the year, 3121 tonnes of organic fresh meat were sold in Switzerland – this makes a share of four percent of the total market. In comparison, the market share for organic eggs is 28 percent; organic bread accounts for 25 percent and organic vegetables for 22 percent.

The main reason for the low share of the total organic meat market is probably the price premium. Compared to conventional meat, the Swiss pay on average 50 percent more for organic meat.
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