To Perceive Superior Quality Made in China – Chinese Pavilion Lands in BIOFACH 2019, Germany

To Perceive Superior Quality Made in China – Chinese Pavilion Lands in BIOFACH 2019, Germany

BIOFACH 2019 - World´s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food, is held during the Chinese Festival on February 13th-16th. BIOFACH CHINA team will lead nearly 70 reputable Chinese organic enterprises to participate in BIOFACH 2019,Germany, such as Mengniu Dairy, Dalian Xinglongken, Dalian HongRen, and other companies. Click here to download 2019 Chinese exhibitors list!

China Organic Industry is in Dialogue with the World

As a country with largest farmland area in Asia, Chinese Pavilion is expected to play an active and unique role in the forum 'BIOFACH World: Trends and news of organic markets in China, India and South East Asia', sharing vital topics about dynamics of China's organic industry. You all are welcome to attend!

Forum Information
Time: 2019.2.13, 11:00-12:30
Topic: BIOFACH World: Trends and news of organic markets in China, India and South East Asia
Place: NCC Ost, Level 2, Kopenhagen Room, Nürnberg Convention and Exhibition Centre, Germany

Visitors Online Registration Opening: BIOFACH CHINA 2019 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center Hall 3 on May 16th - 18th, 2019.

Estimated 500 domestic and international organic enterprises will appear in BIOFACH CHINA 2019. Exhibit categories cover organic food, organic skin care products, organic cotton products, home care products, natural products, agricultural products, etc.

Alaxiaoyou, a Leading Baby & Mom Platform in China, is Associated with BIOFACH CHINA 2019. Alaxiaoyou, whose annual sales is up to 1.6 billion Euros in China, possesses more than 3000 specialty stores. With the excellent ability of supply chain integration, Alaxiaoyou has partnered strategically with international and domestic first-class enterprises, like Abbott, YASHILY, Beingmate, and Bright Dairy. Alaxiaoyou’s participation in BIOFACH CHINA 2019 would create more sales opportunities for organic milk powder industry. Do not miss this chance! Click here to register for free!

Industry Clustering: BIOFACH CHINA 2019 is not just a single trade fair!

Especially noteworthy is that BIOFACH CHINA 2019 will run for the first time together with the CBCE CRAFT BEER CHINA 2019, 5.15 -17th ) and PAK-iD ( Shanghai International Intelligent Packaging Equipment, New Material & Creative Design Forum, 2019 5.16-17th ). All three of them are hosted by NürnbergMesse Group, well connecting upstream and downstream of the whole industry, jointly stimulating the development of high-end food and beverage career.

The 13th BIOFACH CHINA will take place in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center Hall 3 from May 16-18th, 2019. 70% of booths have been reserved, less available booths left next to the main entrance at present. Do not hesitate any more, join us now! Click to download: > BFC19 exhibitor invitation letter   > BFC19 booth application form

New Francisco ( YunfuCity ) Biotechnology Corporation Limited
Booth No.:A32

New Francisco (YunfuCity) Biotechnology Corporation Limited (NFBC) is a global leading manufacturer of galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) and fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS). NFBC has been certified by the US FDA GRAS (GRAS No. 518 and 569 for GOS, GRAS 623 and 797 for FOS) and honored to be World's Best Dairy Ingredient Awards 2016. Constantly pursuing higher quality of products, NFBC is qualified to be the world's first triple organic certified manufacturer to introduce China Organic, US NOP and EU Organic product for GOS, FOS and maltodextrin (MD). After years of hard work, we have a complete traceability system from the screening of organic raw materials, the adjustment of production processes, the strict control of production, and the strict control of packaging, storage, and transportation in accordance with the requirements of organic food.

Jiaxing Alliance Development Corporation
Booth No.:D55

Since 2010, Shihe organic farm took 3 years to improve the soil and water quality, and another 3 years to get organic certification. So far all leaf vegetables of Shihe are organic, which include 34 categories. Such as cabbage, lettuce, bolting, mustard, amaranth, and carrot.The microbial nutritive medium of Shihe is made by mixed fermentation of soybean and sugar with special zymocyte, which is called special "soybean milk" (soybean milk for plants).Rather the traditional chemical fertilizer cultivation, Shihe takes advantage of an exclusive secret recipe to facilate the growth of plant roots and make fruits and vegetables absorb nutrients more effectively for better natural taste. It is no exaggeration to say that our organic vegetables were "grown up with soy milk". The irrigation water of farm’s vegetables was all from natural rain, the ryegrass and cow dung were turned over as green manure to cultivate fertile soil, the organic ecological model was adopted in the whole process of planting so that back to nature.

Jinan Yoto Yingwu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Booth No.:C40

The brand of Yingwu originated from Qilu famous sauce garden in 1873 which is called Xinfang garden.
The two words “Xingfang” are from Quyuan’s famous poetry – “Li Sao”, it means it is really good with effective faith and product management. This company started in 1873 as sauce garden "Xinfang Garden", and the production of soy sauce, vinegar has been more than 140 years of history. The two words “Yingwu” refer to follow the laws of nature, adhere to the rules of operation of things: birth in spring, growth in summer, harvest in autumn and store up in winter.Yingwu company promotes the natural and environmental lifestyle via organic products and provides customers with safe, healthy and qualified products through technology innovation. At present, Yingwu’s international advanced fermentation technology, which is closed Japanese high salt and dilute constant temperature and hundred years strain, has perfectly mixed together traditional brewing technology and modern technology by microbial automatic control technology. After more than 6 months of natural fermentation, the highest quality soy sauce and vinegar were brewed.

Bio Pack Co., Ltd
Booth No.:C09

Bio Pack Co., Ltd is a domestic high-R & D enterprise with leading technology, which is specialized in providing degradable raw materials and products, such as degradable film, degradable bags, degradable cups and tableware and other green products with characteristics of hygiene, non-toxicity, non-pollution, etc. The production environment meets the requirements of food grade certification ISO22000. All products can be biodegradable and are in accordance with the European Union EN13432 standards, has been certificated by European Union OK-BIOBASED,COMPOSTABLE and BRC and other international certification bodies. The sky is blue, the herb is green, and the heart of Bio Pack’s staff is pure. We promote pollution reduction, earth protection and start with ourselves.

Dalian Shengfang Organic Food Co., Ltd.
Booth No.:D60

Dalian Shengfang Organic Food Co.,Ltd was found in 2002, now grows to the comprehensive trading enterprise with the collection of organic planting, processing, domestic and international trade. The company has established a series of a management system of organic product planting,processing production and sales in accordance with the European Union’s EC834/2007, the United States’ NOP and Japanese JAS and Chinese Organic product standards. Our products include Organic Grain; Organic Bean; Organic Seed; Organic Flour, Organic noodles gluten free; Organic Feed; All Kinds of Organic Oil; Organic Baby Food and Organic Feed Ingredient. Our products are mainly exported to the major markets in North America, the European Union, and Southeast Asia etc. In the meanwhile, we also establish a wide range of business cooperation with the many big domestic organic customers.

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