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Etihad Airways serves organic food in the first class

Etihad Airways has announced an exclusive partnership with Abu Dhabi Organic Farms to supply fresh organic produce for its in-flight first class dining menus.

The airline said it will be sourcing fresh organic produce daily from the farm, which follows best practice of sustainable farming. A range of fresh food products, from eggs to vegetables to honey, will be served on board, the Abu Dhabi-based carrier said in a statement. Etihad's first class chefs will begin incorporating these fresh ingredients in their on board service, with plans to roll out the farm-to-table concept across all cabin classes in the future. Last October, Etihad Airways launched its five-star restaurant food service on board their planes after recruiting international chefs.

Abu Dhabi Organic Farms was established in 1997 by Khalid Al Shamsi, a UAE national passionate about organic living. He works on 55 hectares of land, featuring both greenhouses and fields, and the farm grows a wide range of vegetables and fruit as well as raising livestock such as camels, cows, chickens and goats.


2012.03.29               by Kai Kreuzer

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