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Ukraine bets on organic food market growth
Even though many Ukrainians are finding their finances scarce, the more expensive organic products are rising in popularity, reports Kyiv Post. Ukrainians are willing to pay more for organic products. But even with constant growth, the organic market in Ukraine is minuscule compared to other countries. Ukraine’s 300 organic food suppliers together take only 1 percent of the country’s food market, while in Europe up to 10 percent of all consumed food is organic.

While their share is tiny, organic food producers got an endorsement from the Ukrainian government recently. Newly appointed Minister of Agriculture Taras Kutoviy called organic farming one of his ministry’s priorities. “Ukraine has a great potential in this direction because we couldn’t apply intensive farming due to our poverty, so the lands are in appropriate condition,” Kutovyi said at a press conference in April.

If a conventional producer wanted to try organic farming, he wouldn’t be able to do it right away. It takes three to five years to prepare the land for the organic farming after exhaustion caused by regular farming. Sparing a field for five years means a cut in profits. Berezovska compares traditional intensive cultivation of land with pesticides to a drug addiction because of how hard it is to switch to organic farming. And even if a producer takes the risk of sparing a field for years, he faces the next challenge: distribution. While traditional products are sold everywhere in Ukraine, the organic food is mainly distributed in the seven largest cities.

Despite Russia's war against Ukraine, Russia is still the country's main trade partner. Turkey, China and Egypt will continue being Ukraine's main agriculture partners in the next couple of years.
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