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Germany the world leader in organic and fair
Organic and Fair: nowhere else in the world is this combination as popular as in the German market. 70 percent of fairtrade goods sold in 2016 also carried an organic logo, reports theTransfair association that issues the fairtradelogos in Germany.
So here in Germany we see only fairtradeorganic bananas. Product groups with a high proportion of organic are coffee, with 74 percent, tea with 85 percent, and rice, with 61 percent. “From the outset, partners with the organic and fair
combination have been making a case for more sustainability. At the beginning of the 1990s that was genuine pioneer work,” says Managing Director Dieter Overath. “20 years ago, the proportion of organic coffee was about 25 percent, and today it's 75 percent– and that  has been achieved with a significant rise in the total sales volume.” The proportion of organic fairtrade food as a whole rose from around 40 percent at the turn of the millennium to 70 percent in 2016. He pointed out that more than half offairtrade organisations all over the world are also certified organic.
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