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Switzerland: organic brands highly rated by young people

Even though Zalando, WhatsApp and Netflix are in the lead, organic brands (Migros Bio and Bio Suisse) feature for the first time among the TOP 10 favourite brands of the Swiss between 15 and 25 years old. According to a report by 20 Minuten-online, the advertising agency Havashad a survey carried out that asked over 4,000 people about 505 brands.
Frank Bodin, Chairman & CEO of Havas Switzerland, sees a situation where the environment-conscious consumer is becoming increasingly important. 20 Minuten-onlinequotes him as saying:  “This tendency will become even stronger in the future and it's all the more surprising, because just a few year ago organic brands were treated as a joke.” Thus in its prognosis for 2019 the agency sees Migros Bio in seventh place in the young people age group. The brand is currently in ninth place, in front of  Bio Suisse. Havas expects that in two years the brand “Coop Aus der Region” will be in ninth place, and Bio Suisse would no longer be among the TOP 10 in 2019.
The Swiss brand consultant Stefan Vogler finds it surprising that organic brands can achieve such success with young consumers who have a keen eye on prices. For him this is evidence that companies' efforts to make people  more sensitive to environmental issues is having an effect. Firms are especially interested in young consumers because it's from these people that they can recruit their future regular clientele. “If you're keen on a brand and are pleased with it when you're young you're highly likely to do the same when you're older,” says Vogler on 20 Minuten-online.
Vogler went on to say that for a brand to be a success with the young target group it takes more than just adopting a hip image. First, you have to get what you're doing right, because young people with a tight budget look hard at prices and they change the brand if the product is no good. Netflix (third place in the ranking) is a good example of the low price strategy.  A brand must also have credibility: “The popularity of organic brands shows that their credibility is high and that the promise to consume sustainably is being welcomed in the target group.”

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