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IFOAM EU Conference: Digital opportunities for organic processors

Digitalisation will be the key topic of the 5th IFOAM EU Organic Processing Conference in Zwolle. The Organic Roadmap has many facets. Photo © Karin Heinze

The 5th IFOAM EU Organic Processing Conference in Zwolle/Netherlands on 16th and 17th January will have the theme "Improving Organics: Making It Happen – Digital opportunities for organic processors."

IFOAM EU and the Dutch organic organisation Bionext will host the 5th Organic Processing Conference. The event gathers many high level speakers who will speak about the following topics:

· New business models and financial schemes that can help transform food and farming
· The role of digital tools to enable processors to meet consumer demand for transparency and traceability
· Consumer trends and perspectives in the organic sector

The organisers are thrilled that Ji-Young Moon from Korea wll be presenting the most successful example of Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) in Korea. The Hansalim cooperative currently enables more than 540 000 families to buy Korean organic products from a producers cooperative, connecting urban and rural areas, thanks to its model based on mutual trust between producers and consumers.
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