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UK: Defra released organic farming statistics for 2017
Data compiled by approved organic certification bodies are the basis for the organic farming statistics 2017. It presents estimates of the land area farmed organically, crop areas, livestock numbers and numbers of organic producers and processors in the United Kingdom.

Although land area farmed organically has increased again, growth is still slow compared to our European neighbours.

Key findings

517 thousand hectares is farmed organically in the UK (2.9% of total farmed area).
64% of UK organic land is accounted for by permanent grassland.
7% of the total UK organic area is used to grow cereals.
58% of the total UK organic area is in England
2.7% of the total UK cattle population is reared organically.
6.6 thousand organic operators in the UK. Up 3.5% since 2016.

Key trends

The area of land farmed organically increased by 1.9% compared to 2016
The area of in-conversion land as a percentage of the total organic land area showed a small increase in 2017, the third consecutive increase since 2014
The area of organic cereals and vegetables (including potatoes) declined slightly in 2017, continuing the downward trend since 2008. However, the area of 'other arable crops' saw a small increase in 2017

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