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Spain: Nestlé launches organic products for the first time
For the first time, food group Nestlé has introduced several organic products on the Spanish market. The launched products include the full range of NaturNes Bio baby food and a few organic coffee products.

Around 65% of the newly introduced food products will be produced in Nestlé’s factories located in Miajadas (Cáceres), Sebares (Asturias), La Penilla de Cayón (Cantabria) and Reus (Tarragona). The launch has been planned in response to consumer demand, the company declared. In a statement, the company further explained to have decided to focus on organic products in Spain. Spain’s Nestlé CEO Laurent Dereux said: “Consumers demand more and more healthy and sustainable products.” The company expects that in five years, organic products will provide between 10% and 15% of its sales in Spain.

Only recently, Nestlé has altered the recipes for their breakfast cereals marketed in Spain in order to make them healthier. According to an announcement, the company has removed artificial colours as well as flavours from its Spanish range. In addition to that, Nestlé declared, that it will further work on its latest efforts to reduce the amounts of sugar in its cereals on the Spanish market. 
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