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Vietnam: Organic exports for the global market
Annually, people in Vietnam eat organic food worth about 1.7 million euros as the Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association (VOAA) as reports. As yet, the EU has certified almost 80 national companies producing organic food and beverage goods, among others, TH True Milk, Luong Quoi rice, Betrimex, Vinamit, Vinamilk and ST24 rice.

The Vietnamese organic product labels, which meet international standards like those set by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) as well as the EU, also provide geographical indications. Many Vietnamese manufacturers of organic food products are preparing themselves for labelling their locally manufactured organic goods fulfilling national standards which will apply from the end of this year.

The development of a framework to control the production, processing and certification of organic farm produce is planned by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The certification of facilities for organic production and processing will be necessary for meeting national organic standards.

Companies entering the world market

The Bich Chi Food Koint Stock Company located in the province Dong Thap and is specialized in manufacturing rice products, just got certified organic by the USDA. The USDA label provides the company with the possibility to sell their organic rice paper in the US at a price worth twice of the non-organic product.

Based in the city of Can Tho, the Trung An Hi-tech Farming Joint Stock Company has exported organic rice to Dubai at good prices. Currently, the company cultivates 100 ha organic rice fields which are certified to fulfill international organic standards. Organic rice is exported at a price of around US US$2,000-3,000 per tonne, whereas non-organic rice is only worth about US$400 per tonne in export. Thus, the international demand for Vietnamese organic rice is high and, in contrast to conventional rice, it is exported under Vietnamese brands.

In addition to that, the Vien Phu Joint Stock Company based in in the province of Ca Mau has exported is organic rice brand Hoa Sua to the UK, while the company Ecotiger has exported its organic rice produce under their brand Ecorice to Canada, the US and the EU. However, even though national organic food manufacturers are filling niches on the international market, the companies still need the support of trade promotion agencies to find new markets for exporting their products. Recently, the Business Association of High-quality Vietnamese Products has organized a display called “organic and natural village” at the trade exhibition ThaiFex – World of Food Asia, which was presented by 30 Vietnamese companies.

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