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IFOAM EU: Annual Report 2017 published
Recently, IFOAM EU has published its Annual Report 2017. The report aims at informing IFOAM members as well as the wider public about the organization and what it does to make Europe more organic. The report provides a short overview about the organic sector in Europe as well the activities of IFOAM EU including covered topics, projects, events, the organization’s organic vision and numbers on the income and expenditure.

In the report's introduction, former IFOAM EU president Christopher Stopes commented: “The organisation has achieved a great deal during my time as President. IFOAM EU has worked through an important structural change. We have developed and implemented a coherent strategic plan that importantly includes building the capacity of the organic sector in all parts of Europe. We have strengthened our shared ambitions with IFOAM – Organics International including through the global Organic 3.0 initiative. We have developed and launched our vision for the organic sector to 2030: for organic on every table, to improve, inspire and deliver better food and farming and to ensure fair play and fair pay in the food and farming supply chain. We have ensured that this vision is in line with the global Sustainable Development Goals which underpin the United Nations'2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

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